Automated Key Card Disinfection

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The pandemic has shown us the reality of infection and the importance of protection.

 Clean-a-Card eliminates more than 99.9% of pathogens with a triple-clean system. First with an Antimicrobial mist, then with Plasma Ions, followed by a powerful UV light – disinfected, dried, pristine and ready to hand to your guests.

Load up-to 200 cards into the Filler and the Clean-a-Card unit automatically cleans both sides at up to 20 cards a minute.

Just calculate the amount of wasted time and resources that go into your daily key card cleaning compared with the speed and efficiency of a Clean-a-Card unit.

In just one or two years your Clean-a-Card unit could pay for itself

Order now and get 33%-Off as an introductory offer or explore our lease-to-own or Clean-a-Care Service Agreement options right here.

Show your guests that you really care (and also save time and money) with Clean-a-Card.

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