Automated Key Card Disinfection

The pandemic has shown us the reality of infection and the importance of protection.  Clean-a-Card eliminates more than 99.9% of pathogens with a triple-clean system. First with an Antimicrobial mist, then with Plasma Ions, followed by a powerful UV light – disinfected, dried, pristine and ready to hand to your guests. Load up-to 200 cards… Continue reading Automated Key Card Disinfection

Clean-a-Card Technology

Clean-a-Card Technology shows how cleaning and disinfecting key cards is a simple yet highly precise way of making key cards antimicrobial. First, the card goes through an antimicrobial mist that cleans both sides of the card. Second, it passes through a field of Plasma ions. Finally the card is exposed to a powerful germicidal UV-C… Continue reading Clean-a-Card Technology