Payment Policy


Purchase using Credit Card

When you place your order using a credit card, Clean-a-Card authorizes your purchase by verifying that your card has the available funds. Your credit card provider sets aside those funds until the purchased Clean-a-Card ships at which time your bank releases the funds to Clean-a-Card. Please note that if your purchase does not complete for any reason, such as your card being declined by our Card Processor or your bank, the set-aside funds may continue to be unavailable for you to spend for several days, but will not be taken by Clean-a-Card.


Purchase using PayPal

When you place your order using PayPal, the purchase amount is deducted from your PayPal-associated account immediately.

When you receive the package containing your Clean-a-Card Product, please inspect your parcel carefully. If you receive a damaged Clean-a-Card Product, notify us immediately by contacting or call us at (760) 603-1640. You will be provided a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, a prepaid shipping label and instructions on how to return your product for a replacement.  Do not discard any of the box, shipping label, packing material, or broken items. We will inspect the item upon receipt and ship a replacement after inspection.



Pre-orders will be shipped when the affected Clean-a-Card Product become available. Orders will not be charged prior to shipment.  Credit card information will be required at the time of order; however, it will be stored in our secure payment gateway and will not be visible to any of our Clean-a-Card employees or company in general.  Once the product becomes available, the credit card used to place the order will be charged.


Delivery Delays

Some MicrobeProof Products in the Clean-a-Card store may not be in stock and may have to be provided from our factory. If we become aware that shipment of the Clean-a-Card Product you ordered is being delayed for any reason, we will attempt to contact you. Otherwise, the Clean-a-Card Product will ship promptly after we receive it.



Clean-a-Card agrees to use reasonable efforts and reasonable methods to resolve any disputes or discrepancies that arise regarding you and Clean-a-Card. As part of the dispute resolution process, you also acknowledge and agree that you as the Authorized User or the Cardholder will not initiate any chargeback or claim procedure with our Merchant Bank or your creditor without first obtaining a special claim confirmation number from us to verify that you contacted Clean-a-Card and provided us with the opportunity to resolve the claim or dispute, even if we were ultimately unable to provide a resolution.